As a master user, you can request a Master API key allowing you to ease the decryption/encryption of slave files.


In order to get your API key, you need to open a support request ticket and ask for it.

Once you have it, go to your master panel* on the website, and enter the key in the appropriate field.

*Please note that this tab is only available if you own a master tool to which at least one slave tool is linked.

When entering the API key, only the number of characters is being checked. This means that even if the field goes green when entering the key, it might not be valid.

The key is normally automatically saved in you web browser, but you should save it in a secure place as well. Note that if somebody else gets it, he might be able to encrypt and decrypt your files.

How-to decrypt .slave file

To decrypt, upload the file you have received from your slave then select the part you want to decrypt.

How-to encrypt .bin file

When your tuned file is ready, go click on the "Encrypt" tab.

All the previously decrypted files are listed. Please make sure to select the exact row corresponding to the file you plan to upload.

Press the button to encrypt your tuned file, the "Upload" pop-up window will appear.

Press "Encrypt". Your file will be downloaded and is ready to send to your slave.

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