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If you have master tool and there are slave tools linked to your master, you may have to encrypt and decrypt files.

There are 3 solutions :

1. Managing slave files with the master tool with your tool connected to your computer in USB
Connect the Autotuner master tool to the USB port of your computer
Launch your Autotuner software
Click on "Manage Slave Files"
The software monitors the "Autotuner slave files" folder located in your computer and displays all the files available
Select the operation you want to proceed : decrypt or encrypt

It's also possible to drag and drop slave files in the Autotuner window. They are then instantly decrypted.
"Autotuner slave files" folder is located inside "My documents"

2. Managing slave files with the online Autotuner administration without connecting the master tool to your laptop in USB
Connect to
Click on "Master"
Input your master tool ID
Input your master API key
Select the operation you want to proceed : decrypt or encrypt

For "encrypt" and "decrypt" operations you can chooser to process only maps or full backup file. Click here for more info.

3. Managing slave files with the Autotuner master API (optional)
We offer API service to decrypt and encrypt slave files online without having the master tool physically connected to your computer.
This API has to be implemented on your server by a web developer.
For more info : Please contact us

Master API key is available based on support request
Please visit the the following link to find your master tool ID
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