When you have selected a vehicle, the interface displays the operations window.

Different buttons are present on this window, here are their meaning:

Choose another ECU
Back to the vehicle selection

The tool checks the communication with the connected ECU and displays the references of it.

Access to the help interface : step-by-step instructions and ECU/OBD locations.

Tuned file or backup: Select a file on your computer and then write it to the ECU.

Original from server: Download the file corresponding to the connected ECU from our server then write it to the ECU.

FRF File: Select an FRF file on your computer and then write it to the ECU.


Without password: the tool proceeds directly to the reading of the ECU

Normal read: the tool reads the password and then reads the ECU

Virtual read: based on the ID, the tool retrieves from a server an original file corresponding to the one located in the ECU. (very fast method)

Only password: the tool only reads the password.

Toggle patch: the tool unlocks the ECU in OBD. This frees the reading and writing via the diagnostic socket.

Export logs
Function to export the operating history of the tool as well as a screenshot (all in .ZIP format). The file exported via this button must always be attached to each support request.
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