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Meaning of the buttons
Meaning of the buttons

Read, Write, Identify, OBD unlock patch...

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When you have selected a vehicle, the interface displays the operations window.

Different buttons are present on this window, here are their meaning:


The tool checks the communication with the connected ECU and displays the references of it.


Access to the help interface : step-by-step instructions and ECU/OBD locations.

When the HELP button is blinking, it is required to have a look at the additional instructions. For some read/write operations, additional manipulation may be required (eg putting the gearbox in a very specific gear or fastening driver seatbelt to keep ignition on).


Tuned file or backup : Select a file on your computer and then write it to the ECU.

Original from server : Download the file corresponding to the connected ECU from our server then write it to the ECU.

FRF File : Select an FRF file on your computer and then write it to the ECU.

OBD Unlock patch :  The tool unlocks the ECU in OBD. This frees the reading and writing via the diagnostic socket.


Without password : the tool proceeds directly to the reading of the ECU

Normal read : the tool reads the password and then reads the ECU

Virtual read : based on the ID, the tool retrieves from a server an original file corresponding to the one located in the ECU. (very fast method)

Only password : the tool only reads the password.

Export logs

Function to export the operating history of the tool as well as a screenshot (all in .ZIP format). The file exported via this button must always be attached to each support request.

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