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Bosch probe for boot operations ATP050

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Only the supplied ATP050 probe must be used with the AutoTuner tool.

This is connected to the tool via the ATC050 cable. The cable must be connected on one side to the top of the probe and on the other side to the "BOOT" connector of the AutoTuner tool. The ATP050 probe is exclusively used for Bosch EDC17 ECUs.

The pins of the ATP050 probe have springs. Make sure each pin is properly seated and the springs are properly seated before reading the calculator.



The ATP050 probe can be connected to the calculator circuit board in 2 different ways.

Connection with a wire

One end of the wire is soldered to the printed circuit of the computer according to the help and the other end is connected by pinching on the upper part of the probe.

Connection with test probe

The rigid test probe is in direct contact with the printed circuit of the computer. The other end fits into the connector on the bottom of the probe.

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