OBD operations
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Some ECUs can be read and written directly via the OBD diagnostic socket.
In this case, it is therefore not necessary to remove the ECU from the vehicle.

The OBD cable must be connected on one side to the vehicle's diagnostic socket and on the other side to the "OBD" connector of the AutoTuner tool.

The help interface is used to locate the diagnostic socket.

It is important to check the battery voltage. If it is less than 12V, it is required to connect a charger to the battery during the whole process. GYS battery chargers are available on our webshop.

To read or write the vehicle ECU in OBD, you must turn the ignition on. The gearbox must be in P position (or neutral in the case of a manual gearbox). Consumers such as lighting, air conditioning and radio must be switched off

When a charger is required, AutoTuner software will inform the user before reading. Some cars must also be in a specific mode in order to start the reading process. The help interface will guide you as to what to do.

If the vehicle does not communicate in OBD, check the connection of the OBD cable, check if the key is turned to the maximum or that the diagnostic mode is activated (cfr. BMW), check if the vehicle is not equipped with an anti-mouse jacking system and repeat the procedure.

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