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How-to link your tool to your account
How-to link your tool to your account

Device activated but not yet linked

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When you receive your AutoTuner tool, the device is activated but not yet linked to your account. If you plug the tool to your USB port, you will be able to link it in a few minutes.

Here is the procedure to link the tool to your account

A) You already have an AutoTuner account :

If you already have an AutoTuner account, click on "I have already registered"

You will be redirected to the website in order to log in.

Once you are logged in, the link will be automatically done.

WATCH OUT : It is very important that your link the tool to your email address, which you will use to get technical support and file transfers. If you ever need to transfer the tool to another email address, a 350€ fee will be applicable for the warranty and support transfer, even if you own both email addresses.

B) You don't have an AutoTuner account yet :

Click on the "register" button and create one.

Then, once you are logged in, you can link the tool by following the procedure above.

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