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What’s the difference between Master and Slave tool ?
What’s the difference between Master and Slave tool ?
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Master tool

With a master tool you get non encrypted files so you can modify the files by yourself or send it to any tuning files provider.
Any editing software that supports binary file can be used to modify a file read with AutoTuner.

Editing software is not included, most of our customers use EVC Winols.

Slave tool

With a Slave tool you read and write crypted files. These files can only be modified by a specific Master. This Master is a file provider designated when you buy the tool. Your Slave tool is linked to this Master.

Any Slave tool can be remotely transformed into Master tool if the following conditions are met : 

  • Your Master approves the switch (we need written approval from the current master to [email protected])

  • You pay the price difference

Tuning files providers

We are working with many tuning files providers all over the world, please visit the dealers page to contact one of them. 

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