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How to datalog with AutoTuner
How to datalog with AutoTuner

Main procedure + tips and tricks

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AutoTuner datalogging solution has been designed to be easy to use.

For each supported ECU, we have pre-selected a set of relevant measures from the manufacturer specific datalogging parameters.

What is datalogging?

Datalogging solution collects and records data sent from the car ECU in live.

Data includes major parameters that relate to engine operations such as:

  • Boost pressure

  • Load

  • Torque

  • Air/fuel

  • Exhaust gas temperature

Why datalogging?

Tuning a car without datalogging is like trying to cook a good meal eye-blinded. Indeed,  Any tuner cannot tune right without getting precise feedback on how the engine reacts to the updated parameters.

Information obtained thanks to data-logging is crucial to make the perfect tuning file.

Prerequisites :

  1. Make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet*

  2. Make sure that the OBD cable is connected from AutoTuner tool to the OBD-II port in the car

  3. Make sure that the engine is running

  4. We highly encourage you to make datalogging on a dyno

*Internet connection is only required to query available measures from the server and to upload the log when the recording is finished. You can use your WiFi network or you can also use your phone’s hotspot.

Main procedure :

  • Plug the OBD cable to the OBD-II port in the vehicle and start engine

  • Find the vehicle you are looking to log using the ECU selection or quick search function

  • Select the “Datalog” method

  • AutoTuner software will query the available measures for the ECU from the server. As soon as ready, the gauges will appear*

  • Start your dyno run

  • To start a log, click on “Record” button or press the space bar on the keyboard

*We currently only display 12 gauges but we record more than 12 values. All values will be available when viewing the log online.

  • To stop a log, click on “Stop” button or press the space bar on the keyboard

  • When you stop recording you can upload the log online in order to view the graph

  • If you want to renew the operation, you can click on “Record” again

How to make a correct dyno run :

  1. Cruise in 3rd gear at about 1500-2000 RPM

  2. Start the log and immediately press the accelerator to wide open throttle

  3. When RPM reach the redline on the car’s dashboard, stop the log

If the concerned car is equipped with automatic gearbox, please put the gearbox in sport mode/manual mode to avoid it to shift gear too quickly (kickdown).

How to use the online tool :

You can consult all the datalogs from your online AutoTuner Administration Interface.

Login to your AutoTuner Admin here and then click on "My datalogs".

All the datalogs uploaded by a slave tool are also automatically synced with their Master account so the master can easily have access.

  • The values are available on graph hover

  • You can select the measures you want to display on the right panel

  • Table with all the data is available at the bottom of the graph

How to share your log :

The URL available in your browser address bar is public. It means that you can share this link to anyone whether they are AutoTuner users or not.

A “copy link” button is available at the bottom of the graph. It will simply copy the link to your clipboard so you can paste it anywhere you want.

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