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McLaren dyno mode

How to enable it

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In order to do a dyno run on a McLaren, you need to enable the dyno mode.

This feature is available with AutoTuner through special operations. Note that you need a McLaren OBD cable in order to proceed, it is available through our webshop.

Once your tool is connected to the car, simply follow the steps below.

  • Select the car and choose the OBD method

  • Click on "Special operations"

  • Select the appropriate mode, depending on the dyno you have : 2WD or 4WD

Make sure of the following before starting the dyno run :

  • Ignition is ON

  • Engine is running

  • Driving mode set to NORMAL

  • Parking brake is released

Please note that the dyno mode should exclusively used when testing a car on a chassis dyno, this mode disables the ESP. You must never drive the vehicle on the open road or a racetrack in dyno mode.

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