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How to add an ECU/OBD location?
How to add an ECU/OBD location?

Send us your ECU/OBD location pictures

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When an ECU/OBD location is not available through the software, you have the possibility to send us your own pictures using WhatsApp. This way, we can review them, and implement them in the software for every other user to enjoy.

Simply follow this procedure:

  • Click on "Upload pics

  • Scan the QR code to open WhatsApp

Take pictures of the location, and the steps to get to the ECU if needed. Make sure to follow these instructions before sending:

  • Quality picture is key - clear, not too dark and not too bright

  • Clean the car as much as you can. Especially the engine compartment or driver floor mat.

  • Keep an eye on the background. We will not upload photos that look busy and distracting. Focus needs to be on the ECU/OBD plug. In case of an ECU location in the engine compartment, take a picture from the whole compartment.

  • Remove everything useless. Make sure that no accessory appears on the picture such as : tools, computer, gloves, charger, customer belongings, ...

  • Don't draw on the picture. Please don't add any arrow or circle on the picture, we will take care of that.

  • Never take a picture of the ECU connected in bench within the engine compartment

These pictures show you the wrong way :

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