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Can AutoTuner modify the files?
Can AutoTuner modify the files?

What are the features offered by AutoTuner?

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AutoTuner is a tool dedicated to read and write ECUs (Engine Control Units) and TCUs (Transmission Control Units).

One of the biggest benefits about AutoTuner is the fact that new protocols and updates are free, there is no annual subscription. The fast and intuitive software makes it easy to get started with chiptuning.

Here are the main features we offer:

  • ECU/TCU reading and writing through OBD, Bench and Boot. Note that the other control units inside the vehicle are not supported (ABS, Airbags, keys, etc...)

  • Multi-brand compatibility: our tool is compatible with thousands of cars, motorcycles, boats, jetskis, bikes, trucks, agricultural machines, etc...

  • Datalogging: real time data measurement (generic and specific)

  • DTC: Diagnostic Trouble Code reading and erasing.

What else do you need to be fully operational?

  • An editing software: AutoTuner files are compatible with any binary editing software, like EVC WinOLS.

  • If you are not tuning the files yourself, you will need a file provider, here is the list of our official dealers:

  • A good battery charger to maintain voltage during operations

Feel free to get in touch if you have any other question!

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