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Bosch MEDC17 backup extractor
Bosch MEDC17 backup extractor

Extract and update EEPROM and Flash separately

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This feature is available in the admin section of the website, once you are logged in. Go to "TOOLBOX" then "MEDC17 backup extractor".

In a few simple steps, you can extract EEPROM and Flash from a backup file separately in order to modify them and update them back together as a new backup file. And the best part? Checksum correction is also done automatically.

  1. Select the original backup file you want to extract

  2. Select the part you want to extract and click on "EXTRACT"

  3. Modify the EEPROM or Flash files you just downloaded

  4. Don't forget to check the "CHECKSUM" box if you need them done

  5. Click on "UPDATE" and select the files you want to put back together

  6. Click on "UPDATE" and download the modified backup file.

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