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Follow-up your support ticket from your smartphone
Follow-up your support ticket from your smartphone

Scan the QR code and upload your photos easily

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When you encounter a problem using your AutoTuner tool and you need to contact our technical support team, it is important that we have as much information as possible. This includes pictures of the ECU label for a quick check and pictures of your wiring if you are using bench or boot mode.

Uploading these photos from your computer is not always practical, so it is possible to use your smartphone to follow-up on that:

Press the green support button to start

Click on "Continue from my smartphone".

Click on "Continue".

Scan the QR code with your smartphone

Scroll to the bottom of the form to upload the related photos.

Click inside each zone to download the ECU label and the ECU PCB wiring image (for bench or boot only).

NOTE: You can take a picture with your smartphone or upload an existing picture.

Click on the submit button and your support ticket will be open. You can easily follow up from your smartphone or computer via the website chat.

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